An interactive musical guide to bring out the talent in you, as easy as 1 2 3. The perfect partner for “Guitar Heroes”, Computer Musicians, Rappers and an effective addition and alternative for any music education program with or without the companion software.            
There’s Music In Everyone! is now an E Book which marks the 50th Anniversary of my career as a professional musician.

It contains over 100 audio samples of the contents, along with additional materials not found in the printed version. This music learning system is the foundation of my Clinics and Workshops for Creative Music; which is an effective addition and alternative to music education in the Public Schools.

It has been said that no education is complete without the Arts, which express our innate creativity; and music is the envy of all the Arts. Every time we speak, get dressed, prepare a meal or choose from a menu we are making creative choices based upon our goals.
This system involves a method of learning to Think and Link musically, the many sounds and sources that create the power of music.

When we study without the context of an overall system it becomes difficult to understand the significance of the components and elements that are involved.

Based upon the actualization and retention of usable knowledge, this There's Music in Everyone! intuitive verbal learning system involves the Total Person through cross referencing which becomes a systematic process of Revelation, Explanation and Demonstration.


There is no greater life affirming experience, than to be in the presence of one who has mastered the art of making music, but this E Book may be the closest you will ever get to one.  To that end, companion Software has been created to demonstrate the learning system so that you can experience the mystic phenomena that occur, when you make music.

The network of communication that it creates leads to an in-depth understanding of effective learning skills that gives us the tools, and the freedom, to express ourselves through creative music.

Uncover and illuminate what makes you tick and how to best utilize your uniqueness to get down with it, and express the phenomena called life.

You dont have to read music to utilize this course of study as we will be using a user friendly verbal learning system that will enable you to achieve maximum results.

It is one thing to play an instrument but its another thing to play and understand the Components & Elements of the music you are making.

Free yourself from written music while you enjoy and amaze yourself as you play using the Personal Expression Through Musicianship (PETM) system.

There's Music in Everyone! is also a tool for the performing artist such as, singers, instrumentalist, poets, dancers, athletes, rappers, producers, and other artist who wish to cultivate their musical ability, apply it to their voice or any other instrument. It also offers a thorough review for them of what they should know to bring out their best in an accessible and agreeable manner in addition to a way of rethinking and reorganizing the knowledge they already possess.

It is only when knowledge is usable, that its true value can emerge!

Take it from me, you don't have to know everything about music or your instrument to play like a pro, but do you want to play like a pro or do you just want to have everything you need to know in order to have fun and give a voice to your heart and soul?

The Greatest is not always the most Successful & the most Successful is not always the Greatest. With PETM no matter how simple or complex your creation is; it will bring out the Greatest in You!

When we come to the diner table for nourishment we come equipped with the desire to receive it and a place to put it. In addition to our appetites, our bodies also produce most of the vitamins and minerals that we expect to be replenished with that will sustain and increase our ability to live in good health. The system of learning that you will encounter here operates the same way.

The music is already in you and PETM allows you to access it and reproduce it using the tools and equipment that you already have access to; your mind, your body and your soul. The experience of life, no matter how new you might think that it is, is your scaffold and launching pad to this experience that will uncover and illuminate what makes you tick and how to best utilize your uniqueness to express the phenomena called life.

In music and in life your greatest asset will be your ability to learn. There in lies the goal and the result of the Study, the Learning, and the Practicing of the material offered here.

Research has revealed that verbal learning with cross referencing is superior to simple aural learning; but no other work has ever been produced that uses this technique exclusively as its foundation to teach music.

To learn is often a battle of life and death, with our ego, and ignorance, along with their allies, laziness, pressure, and fear of failure, Enter, Compete, Fight and Win in order to build a bridge of peace and tranquility; using THE THREE Cs:



By putting together its components such as, various types of sounds, rhythms, melodies, harmonies, scales, patterns, key signatures, time signatures, directions, register and tempos, a myriad of effects and models are formed to enable us to express ourselves. Having the PETM storage and retrieval system, is the key to make your groove happen!.


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