Most people only know about me as the Grammy Award winning bass player who is acknowledged as “One of the most influential bassist that changed the way the instrument was played” *, but while writing about me 'the person', I discovered more about myself than I really wanted to know; secrets, which I have held in my heart throughout my life, that contributed to my success and failures. In this book I will reveal what was going on in my life during my formative years and most of the sessions that occurred as a bi-product of the turbulence of the 1950s through to today.

If you have ever been disappointed or had your heart broken, you understand TBI. Escape is an available option. The more concussions, the more diverse become the escape routes. You never forget that something is missing and you subconsciously work around it. “You’re still standing” while working towards the next way in, or out and you never let anyone know that you are experiencing hurt or are in pain. You realize that when one thing dies, another is created to make up for the loss. You must have change in order to progress; patience and timing mystically balances the two. Death indicates change. You learn to recognize opportunities to change; and new ways have to be found in order to move on, with a TBI. They say that if you want to hide something, put it in a book, so when you encounter 439% you may discover one of the reasons why a lot of things are happening in the world today.

My musical career began as a visceral reaction to the music of Mr. Paul Chambers, and reached momentum with me being pissed off, as the motivation for my success to get to the next level on several occasions. Being paranoid, self-conscious and inconsistent however, wherever, whatever, whenever things or distractions might take place can block the flow of useful information needed to reach the goal. The recognition of the need for pertinent action no matter where or when with a strong blade to cut through the delusion, and make a positive contribution is vital. When opportunity knocks you must be willing to answer at that moment. It doesn’t wait in most cases. At any rate, it always finds you.

This book is an expression of gratitude, to all the men, women, children, students, fans, friends, and family members who have helped me along the way, musically, and in life. I also hope this will raise the awareness of the effect that a TBI can have on a living being no matter what stage of life it occurs.

* Bass Player Magazine


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