Make Your groove Happen Workshops
"Make Your Groove Happen!"

"Some folks have so much natural talent and conviction that the music just drops out of them with little or no inkling of what it is they're doing. But for some of us just a little understanding can go a long way in building the confidence to express our selves musically."


You've Got To Come Home
My Year
32-20 Blues
Somethin' U've Got
Hot Southern Soul


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Make Your Groove Happen"Make Your Groove Happen!"
The goal of the Workshops and all other forms of instruction is to Reveal, Explain and Demonstrate what it takes to think musically and make music effectively. The focus will be to demonstrate and develop an applicable personal system of studying, learning and practice to achieve this goal. Demonstration of the Art and Skill of playing in a rhythm section, part arranging, interplay, accompaniment, phrasing, solo construction and ensemble playing.


Jerry Jemmott Music
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Reel Souler Energy Music Publishing
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Original compositions and songs     more...


The Wake-Up Call

Staying in touch with the  magic in your music.


Free Music Lesson from Jerry Jemmott:

"Make Your Groove Happen":


The most essential component that you need to use in order to bring out the talent in you.


One Day Workshops and Clinics

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Want To Discover The Music In You?

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Make It Happen

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Mastery of the mind and emotions     more...


Discover True Buddhism

We can change the way we think today to understand the yesterdays that got us here, and build a wiser, better tomorrow.   more...



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